Welcome to my site. My name is Kevin LeBlanc, and I’m a professional web and software developer. I’ve got some sample code and images of my work available here for perusing.

Web Programming

I’ve got experience in creating grade A+ websites. C# and JavaScript/HTML are my best skills, mixing them with multiple technologies and styles. I also use CSS3, Bootstrap 3, AngularJS, Firebase, MySQL, and jQuery to build pages. This particular site was built using WordPress instead, the best one for the job.

Game Programming

As a self-motivated learner, I taught myself to program video games. I chose to work with the Unity3D engine, a robust environment with C# support.


Skilled with the Unity Editor and designing interactive experiences. From physics and animation to user interfaces and effects, I can create it in Unity. Currently working on a 3D roguelike with generated mazes and enemies. While learning Unity3D, I also taught myself to use several other tools as well, such as Blender for modeling and animating, and GIMP for creating textures.


If you’d like to contact me, the best way is by Email at: Keleblanc24@gmail.com
I’ve also provided links to my Github and Linkedin pages above.